Download FreeMobileTracker Free Mobile Tracker App (For Android)

If you want to track your Android phones for free, you can use the FreeMobileTracker app. It helps you to track Android for free.

You don’t have to pay any money to track the phone. You can do it for free by using these apps. Most parents use these apps so that they can keep an eye on their kids. It helps the parents to control the kids and keep them away from all the dangers.

You can use this app to track your own phone in case it gets lost. Employers also use this app so that they can keep track of their employees. It helps them to know when the employees are lying about being sick.

It will help you to know your kid’s whereabouts. You can keep an eye on them by using this app.

It is very helpful in the kidnapping. If your kid goes missing, you can use this app to track their location and find them.

Most parents use this app so that they can keep their kids safe and control them.

You can download the FreeMobileTracker app for Android below.

Download & Install Free Mobile Tracker App
Download & Install Free Mobile Tracker App

Free Mobile Tracker App For Android

version 2.0

Click the button “Download Free Mobile Tracker” below and accept the terms and conditions of us to download it.


Steps to Install Free Mobile Tracker App on Android

Install Free Mobile Tracker App on Android

It will take only 5 minutes to install the app. Once the setup is done, you can easily start tracking all the phone activities.

Step 1: Setting Configuration

You need to disable Play Protect and Google Play Store Notifications. It will help you to avoid getting caught as play can detect the app on your phone.

Step 1.1: Disable Play Protect

Open Play Store -> Choose Play Protect -> Click the Setting icon on the top -> Choose TURN OFF

Disable Play Protect

Step 1.2: Disable Google Play Store Notifications

Open Settings -> Click Notification -> Turn Off Google Play Store

Disable Google Play Store Notifications

Step 2: Download and Install

After that, you need to click on the download link to download the file on the phone. You also need to open the file and manually install it.


Step 2.1: Download FreeMobileTracker.APK File

Click the “Download Free Mobile Tracker” button below -> Click OK

Download TheTruthSpy APK File

Step 2.2: Allow from this source

Click Settings (if Chrome popup showing) -> Turn On “Allow from this source” -> Click Install. Done.

Step 2.3: Install FreeMobileTracker on The Phone

Open the FreeMobileTracker.APK file and install it. If a popup “Blocked by Play Protect” appears, click Details and choose to Install anyway (unsafe).

Step 3: Account Registration

You have to open the app on the phone and use the register option to create your tracking account. Enter your details and create your ID and password.

Step 3.3: Delete Browsing History & FreeMobileTracker APK File
  • Remove the Tab ( on Chrome/Firefox, and delete all history.
  • Delete FreeMobileTracker.apk from My File -> Downloads

Step 4: Login and Monitor Android

After you are done with the installation, you can simply go and log in to the account. You need to use your account credentials to log in to the tracking account. The login option is given on the website. Once you reach the control panel, you can use any of the options to easily track the android device.

Log in and Monitor Android

About FreeMobileTracker App

If you want to know what is going on inside someone’s smartphone, you may want to get a FreeMobileTracker app. You can install apps on different operating systems, including iOS and Android.

There are a variety of features that will help you monitor the activities of your child and partner, including incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, and web browsing details. You can also use these apps to keep an eye on your loved one’s social media accounts.

There are many types of apps, and some do not require any permission to operate. For example, you can track an iOS device using the iCloud login information. You can also track an Android device by installing the software.

It’s important to note that the best free mobile tracking apps must be easy to install. One good option is FreeMobileTracker app. It is a free mobile tracking app that is easy to use and install.

10+ Free Mobile Tracker Features

There are many benefits to using a free mobile tracker app. You will be able to track the phone as well as the details of the phone.

Check Media

Along with checking the messages, you can also check all the media. You can check all the photos, videos, audio messages, etc.


It will also help you to check all the contacts. You can check the name, numbers, and pictures of the people

Spy on Call

If you want to spy on calling activities, you can use this feature. It helps you to spy on all the call logs. You can check the call logs for free.

Spy on SMS

This feature helps you to spy on all the SMS. You can spy on all the text messages for free. You will be able to read all the incoming as well as outgoing messages.

GPS Tracker

You can use this feature to track the location of the iPhone for free. It will give you the current location of the phone as well as all the previous locations.

Web History

This feature helps you to spy on the web history of the phone. You can check the names of the website a person visits.

Spy on Social Media

You can use this feature to spy on social media apps on the phone. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.